Strategic Mar/Comm Counsel and advisory services

Conquering the blank page for every client. 

With LJS Media there is no fear of the blank page... from start to finish LJS Media helps clients tell their story, realize their vision and surpass their goals.  
LJS Media is a strategic marketing and communications firm that specializes in delivering comprehensive and strategic Mar/Comm plans, campaigns and counsel for our clients. President and CEO Liz Shrum is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience working with major brands across almost every industry sector, advising corporations, business groups, national trade associations,  state chambers of commerce, major media outlets, start-ups, nonprofits, think tanks, influencers/major newsmakers, c-suite executives, small businesses, and all levels of government.
At consultation we start by understanding exactly who you are and  your needs. We will work with you to set goals and outline objectives. We will move forward with a phased and connected approach that encourages brainstorming, client feedback, and a plan of action to drive results.  
It might be a timely project that you need us to tag in on and quickly get in and get out. It could also be standing up a brand from scratch, a multi-year digital build, a media-buy, or publicity and promotion for one of your personalities.
Whatever the need, the solution is there and we know how to get it done and serve it up with style.
"Liz Shrum, owner of LJS Media, is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for any digital marketing or branding related projects. She is very prompt with her responses to client inquiries and always willing to spend extra time discussing elements of a project with a client. Despite her expertise, she consistently seeks her client's feedback. She worked with me on a campaign for my company and provided branding and strategy guidance, as well as media relations, campaign debriefing and recommendations for next steps. I could not be happier with her work!"  - Carla
Taylor-Pla, MS.J, MBA
Author and Founder of Carla & Liv KIDS
"LJS Media is a fierce team to behold. We hired Liz to help us navigate our way through a time of crisis and ensure our reputation was not damaged during a very sensitive rebrand. Liz jumped into action almost immediately and saw us through with ease, helping us to pivot to a new brand and repair damage and start fresh. We cannot recommend her enough." -
President of Maryland nonprofit
"It was a big success in my book...  I’ve appreciated the time working with LJS Media, and your efforts, as well as the opportunity to get to know you better personally.” -
AACCP Board member